FFG is fully licensed by the Kansas Department of Agriculure for the grain warehouse program. Which ensures safe, solvent facilities that can store commodities for the public while maintinain all grain storage laws.



We look forward to working with you. Please contact FFG if you have any additional questions.

Grain Contract Options

Open Storage is always an option

Delaying Pricing Contract

DP contracts are utilized by the buyer to help get ownership during harvest or to help facilitate the movement of grain from farm storage to grain elevators. They also reduce the storage costs for the farmer. 

Deferred Payment Contract

This contract allows the seller to defer payment for grain for a later date or different tax year. If deferred for longer than 30 days then intrust on the money could be applied. The disadvantage is that once this contract is entered into, the money can’t change hands until the date listed. 

Basis Only Contract

This contract authorizes the customer to lock in a basis for a specified delivery time, quantity, and location. This allows you to capture an attractive strong basis for a later shipping date. One drawback to this contract is that no price protection os afforded, as the futures price has not been established. 

Future Only Contract

This allows the seller to lock in a futures price for a specified delivery time, quantity, and location. It enables the customer to establish a futures selling price that is attractive to them and within the pricing restrictions of the contract. With futures being volatile, the customer can lock in the futures to manage that volatility. 

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Excellent feed store and amazing employees. The employees are very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.

J. Allen

Very appreciative of the service from Fleming Feed and Grain. From the office staff to the guys putting beans in the tender, always with a smile and kind of words. It does not go unnoticed!! Thank you…

C. Cross

The personal relationship with their family-run business is not that much different than our family-run business, in the fact that the ultimate goal on their side is to make sure their customers have the customer service they need.  Products that they research and offer are for their customers’ best benefit, as well as their knowledge and ability to have such good working relationships with different company’s top people for field support, if and when needed.  It doesn’t matter if I am dealing with issues of agronomy, chemicals, billings, or office matters.  The Fleming family always steps up and is willing to do whatever we need to help our business succeed.  I would proudly recommend Fleming Feed & Grain to anyone looking to help their bottom line for any and all of their future needs. 

T. Isaacs & Family

Fleming is great! Best price and quality in the area for our needs. We buy chicken feed (scratch, layer mix, etc), wild bird seed, cat & dog food mainly. Used to spending about double before we moved to the area. Leon is incredibly fortunate to have such a great business in town. Wonderful owners who are very kind and generous to the community kids programs, too.

S. Lande

Leon Location

309 South Main Leon, KS 67074


ARRIVALS – Scale house is located on the east side of the street, south of the gas pumps. Someone will be in the scale house or meet you over there. After getting weighed, head to the pit.

PIT DUMPS – The circle drive leads you to the pit, wait there in your truck for an employee to unload or load you. 

DEPARTURES – Circle back to the scale house to get your final weight. Take a copy of your ticket, double check that the information written on the ticket is correct.

Winfield location

9068 72nd Road Winfield, KS 67156


burden location

20325 112th Road Burden, KS 67019

PH# (620)438-2291

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8am-5:00pm     Saturday: 8am-Noon

During harvest, location hours may be extended based upon customer request, grain receipt activity, and weather conditions.

Call your location to let us know your cutting late and we will work to be here for you!