Wheat Seed Varieties




Hard red winter wheat from KWA, excellendt choice for wheat acres after corn in central and Eastern Kansas


Our “go-to” varieties for eastern and central Kansas—the most-planted variety. Everest is not a high-tillering variety, seems to tolerate mid-season drought stress well but does not tolerate early-season drought in the fall.


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High yield potential, very good winterhardiness, test weight, and drought tolerance, as well as good grazing in the fall. It is a high tillering wheat with good straw strength.


New gold standard in Kstate Trial, impressive yields, outperformed competitors

WB 4422

Excellent yield potential and stadability plus broad adaptability. Great winter hardiness and very good protein content

Seed treatment on request with our hi-capacity treatment facilities

Once you’ve selected the right seed for your fields, protect your investment.We offer full treatment options available to protect against disease and insect pressure.

IFI treat gives 30 day hessian fly and 60 day aphid protection that carries the yellow barley dwarf.

We offer 24 hours service, use of seed tenders, and free recommendations.

Literally they walked through field after field, so you can feel confident in their knowledge.

High yields don’t happen by accident. 

Farming is a science, and it takes good management to grow high-yielding crops

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Excellent feed store and amazing employees. The employees are very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.

J. Allen

Very appreciative of the service from Fleming Feed and Grain. From the office staff to the guys putting beans in the tender, always with a smile and kind of words. It does not go unnoticed!! Thank you…

C. Cross

The personal relationship with their family-run business is not that much different than our family-run business, in the fact that the ultimate goal on their side is to make sure their customers have the customer service they need.  Products that they research and offer are for their customers’ best benefit, as well as their knowledge and ability to have such good working relationships with different company’s top people for field support, if and when needed.  It doesn’t matter if I am dealing with issues of agronomy, chemicals, billings, or office matters.  The Fleming family always steps up and is willing to do whatever we need to help our business succeed.  I would proudly recommend Fleming Feed & Grain to anyone looking to help their bottom line for any and all of their future needs. 

T. Isaacs & Family

Fleming is great! Best price and quality in the area for our needs. We buy chicken feed (scratch, layer mix, etc), wild bird seed, cat & dog food mainly. Used to spending about double before we moved to the area. Leon is incredibly fortunate to have such a great business in town. Wonderful owners who are very kind and generous to the community kids programs, too.

S. Lande

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