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Seed Treatment

Grow stronger,healthier plants. 

Treating your seeds can be an effective early measure to ensure crop immunity, plant emergence, growth, and nutrition efficiency. Results from Kansas State University (2004-2012) seed treatment trails on soybeans found an average yield increase of 2.5 bushels/acre on routine seed treatment. 

Literally they walked through field after field, so you can feel confident in their knowledge.

High yields don’t happen by accident. 

Farming is a science, and it takes good management to grow high-yielding crops

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At Fleming Feed & Grain we take pride in providing the best agronomic products and services that help your operations bottom dollar line. 

It’s our commitment to do better, to be better for our customers.

Excellent feed store and amazing employees. The employees are very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.

J. Allen

Very appreciative of the service from Fleming Feed and Grain. From the office staff to the guys putting beans in the tender, always with a smile and kind of words. It does not go unnoticed!! Thank you…

C. Cross

So grateful for folks like y’all


Fleming is great! Best price and quality in the area for our needs. We buy chicken feed (scratch, layer mix, etc), wild bird seed, cat & dog food mainly. Used to spending about double before we moved to the area. Leon is incredibly fortunate to have such a great business in town. Wonderful owners who are very kind and generous to the community kids programs, too.

S. Lande

Outstanding business family-owned great service

J. Eberhart

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